Many people prefer contacts to standard eyewear, whether because of ease, style, or a specific eye condition. Regardless of the reason, you will be happy to know that Lensworks offers many different options for contact lenses. Since they were first introduced, contacts have provided hassle-free vision correction for many different purposes.

Sure, people often opt for contacts over eyeglasses because they prefer the way they look, but there is more to what meets the eye (pun intended) here. In fact, contacts were first developed as a solution to vision concerns such as a high prescription or astigmatism. They offer a clearer, more enhanced correction than glasses, and there are several different options to choose from.


We often see people at our eye care center that are curious about contacts and what their advantages are. Before we go over the brands we carry, let’s look at the benefits of contacts :

  • They conform to the natural curvature of your eye
  • They provide a wider field of vision
  • They won’t get in the way of playing sports or other activities
  • They won’t clash with your outfit
  • They aren’t affected by weather
  • They can treat certain vision conditions, such as myopia


When many people hear the word 'contacts', they picture soft lenses. And while these are the most popular option, there are other types of contacts as well:

  • Soft lenses - Comfortable to wear, these lenses should either be replaced daily, weekly, or monthly.

  • Multifocal lenses - If you require bi or multifocals and think contacts aren’t an option, think again! Both soft and GP lenses can be bifocal or multifocal, depending on your needs.

  • Color lenses - Have you ever wanted to enhance or change your eye color? Colored contact lenses are a safe and fun way to experiment and see what you would look like with a different eye color.

  • Silicone hydrogels - These soft contact lenses allow for more oxygen permeability.

  • Specialty lenses - If you have a specific medical condition such as keratoconus, specialty lenses may be an easy solution. To learn more about the specialty contacts offered at Lensworks, please give us a call.


If you are looking for a brand that is not listed, give us a call and we may be able to special order them for you.

We are dedicated to providing our patients with contacts and other products that will improve your vision and, in turn, quality of life. To find out more about our contact lens offerings, please contact Lensworks today.