One Hour Glasses in Grand Prairie

At Lensworks, our one-hour glasses service means personal care, quality frames and lenses, and quick results. Come by our store in Grand Prairie and walk out with crystal clear vision and fresh new frames—in an hour or less.

How Do I Schedule an Appointment? 

It’s easy to set up an appointment with us. First, check out our online scheduling page to schedule a time. Second, you can always call us at (469) 349-1349. And if you’re not sure when you’ll be available, walk-in anytime during business hours — we’ll get your eye exam started promptly.

Here’s what you can expect when you come in for one hour glasses at Lensworks:

Same-Day Glasses + Excellent Service 

Our priority is for you to walk out of our store with clear vision the same day you walk in for an eye exam— that’s same-day glasses. But the goal is always one hour or less. 

Grand Prairie’s Best Selection of Designer Frames 

With designer brands and more affordable options, we have something for everyone’s style and budget. And our knowledgeable optometrist and staff will be here to lead you through the entire process, so it’ll be as fast and easy as possible.  

Here’s what you can expect when you come in for one hour glasses at Lensworks:

Our One-Hour Glasses Process

It’s only three steps because it’s that simple, and we’re here to guide you the whole way.

1. Get a Fast & Thorough Eye Exam

Once you arrive at the office and check-in at the front desk, a member of our friendly staff will take you back for your eye exam.

During the exam, our experienced optometrist will determine your prescription and check on the overall health of your eyes. We want to make sure that your renewed and updated prescription is a perfect match.

Value #1, The Right Prescription, Every time: Customers shouldn’t have to come back for adjustments to prescriptions. Get it right in-store and face-to-face.

2.  Choose Your Frames

Here comes the fun part — choosing your new frames! We have hundreds of different styles to choose from, including designer frames like Tom Ford, Gucci, Ray-Ban, and more affordable options. Whatever your budget, we've got a pair for you.

If you want help, our staff is happy to help you find a pair of frames that are in-style and perfect for your facial type. Feel free to browse on your own, too. 

Value #2, Style & Family: We keep a diverse selection for frames as part of our mission: to improve your personal style and support families.

  • For style, it’s popular designer brands and the most rare, one-of-a-kind luxury frames in Grand Prairie. 
  • For family, it’s frames that are affordable and kid-proof but plenty stylish, too. 

3.  Have Your New Lenses Cut In-Store

Sit back and relax. Once you choose your frames, it will only take 20 - 30 minutes to cut your prescription lenses, install the lenses into your frame, and get you on your way. 

When your lenses are cut and attached to your frames, you’re all set! No need to wait weeks and weeks for new glasses to come in.

Value #3, Honesty: Sometimes, certain custom lenses may take longer to complete than an hour or even the same day. If that’s the case, we’ll keep you informed and work to get you taken care of as soon as possible, guaranteed.


We Follow Up With You

Your health and satisfaction matter to us. We’ll keep you updated throughout the one hour glasses process, and after you’ve received your new frames, we’ll follow up to make sure they’re just what you had in mind.

At Lensworks, we believe that fast service doesn’t mean sacrificing personalized care or quality glasses.

Call Lensworks Today To Book an Appointment

We’ll give you personal eye care from Grand Prairie's most dedicated and experienced optometrists. You will leave our office with brand new glasses in one hour or less, guaranteed! 

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