No matter how careful you are, sometimes life happens and your eyeglasses are in need of repair. At Lensworks, we are stocked with all the common and unique parts that may be needed to fix your broken glasses. That’s right - if you lose a screw or a nose piece, we can help! Many people mistakenly believe their glasses are doomed if something goes missing. Thankfully, that is not the case.

We provide frame repair services to all of our patients, no appointment necessary. We understand how important your glasses are to your everyday life, which is why we are dedicated to do everything we can to support you and your good vision. If you accidentally drop or step on your glasses and the frame breaks, or if you are missing a temple piece, simply stop by Lensworks today. We will get your glasses fixed and adjusted as quickly as we can.



Our mission is to help you “see better to feel better”. We believe everyone deserves good vision, which is why we offer services like frame repair. Some of the most common reasons your frames may be in need of a little TLC include:

Here is a look at some of the lens options we offer:

  • Broken frame
  • Screw replacement
  • Missing temple
  • Missing or misaligned nose pieces

We not only aim to exceed your expectations, but provide you with a high-level of service and workmanship. Using state-of-the-art technology, we are able to repair all different types of frames, including metal and plastic.

Furthermore, we will maintain the natural color and vibrancy of your frames with accuracy and precision. Our goal is for you to leave with frames that were just as good - if not better - than when they were brand new.

We offer repair services for designer frames and others. Some of the brands we work on include:

Depending on what is wrong with your frames, we may need to keep them for several days to ensure the repair is given the attention it needs. If you cannot do without your glasses, please give us a call to discuss your options with a Lenswork team member.